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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Poor Misinformed Humans


TODAY'S LARGEST GROWTH MARKET...period...bar none...

That's my target.

I figger the first big idea to hit the PMH...(Poor Misinformed Humans)...market will become instantly Iconic, and can positively influence our Culture/Future.

We really need something like this...for its own sake...NOW!

Here's what I have to offer.......

UPDATE...July 2017... 

Note the date on this page, 9/07...almost a decade ago.  

DJ Trump is abusing the PMH market.

ANOTHER UPDATE...June 15, 2018...

What can I say that Our Boy hasn't already spewed?

Monday, September 3, 2007

just for fun...

Let's get some real Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide out there.

Cosmic Hum

when the hum becomes a buzz...we'll have it goin' on...

Each and every Human with media access ubruptly altered their consciousness on 9/11.

We suddenly adapted to to the reality of Global Terrorism.

It was instantly all pervasive.

The Climate Crisis seems piddling in comparison.

What sort of cataclysm will it take to make The Climate Crisis an Instant Adaptation Event?

I bet we can deal with it just because we want to, not because we have to.

For the first time in Human History, we can foresee a serious problem, and handle it as Humanity...Instant All Pervasiveness will make The Climate Crisis suddenly real...for better, or for worse...it's up to us.

A simple solution to a Global Problem...that's gotta be a good thing, eh?

Friday, August 31, 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

as you read...

and think to yourself...nice words n pitchas...but, c'mon...simple words n pitchas can't resolve The Climate Crisis...it ain't ever gonna happen...

Remember...there's a first time for everything...the 'ain't ever gonna happen' attitude is the only reason it ain't ever gonna happen...what you see is what you get...nothing ventured...nothing gained...

nor lost...lose the attitude.

NOTE...I've always figgered that the reason Mythology is filled with so much darkness, and abounds with such fearsome creatures is...the Folks who had time to record their thoughts were basically the 'fraidy cats...nobody else could sit around the cave long enough to formulate thoughts, never mind record them...so we got the 'fraidy cat version of whassup.

Those whose curiosity got the better of their afraidness, either didn't live very long, and had nothing to report, or were so busy surviving that they became react/responders...who reported only to one another...survival tips.

That's pretty much where we stand at the present moment...the 'fraidy cats currently hold sway...because more of them are surviving than ever before, and there are plenty of recording devices...thanks to Civilization's successful management/utilisation of the react/responder types.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Humanize Geekdom

That's what we gotta do, before it's too late.

This material intends to strike the exact chord which allows said humanizing to occur.

Somewhere between now, and then, rests our common sense...waiting patiently for any and all to come and drink it in.

Let's see how long it takes us to find, disseminate, and allow to nurture.

Here's a good place to start.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Demandingly Entertaining

My take on how to deal with The Climate Crisis.

There's a lot here...some of it is pure folly...Ecobabbleism, if you will...some is brain clearingly bright, simple, almost Gumplike...while some is very demanding...challenging today's prevailing wisdom.

I figure anyone not willing to experience all these things, at the same time, all the time...isn't going to be much help in The Future...so, I'm offering a gathering place for those who are willing...and are prepared to work for a brighter future.

So, take a while, enjoy the fun, appreciate the ironies, and give yourself a shot at a brighter outlook.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

East Coast Chattering Types...8.19.07

Newsweek's Evan Thomas refers to his audience as East Coast Chattering Types.

If a cultural phenomenon reaches the minds of these chatterers, it becomes infused into the mainstream.

The incessant need these types have to be first with mundane information, so they can proudly tell family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else within earshot of their newfound knowledge...thereby assuring that the chatterer will be thought of as a GO-TO person, because he, or she is clearly on top of the situation...provides a great opportunity.

Getting this material into their minds is all it takes to project a concept out there.

Evan Thomas, and his East Coast Chattering Types are very influential

Part of the SYOG plan is to refresh some old material from my experiences as a member of Faith Popcorn's Brainreserve Talentbank...Faith's a media wizard, marketing Guru, and economic trendsetter extraordinaire...hook up the connection between Faith, Evan Thomas, and Yours Truly...let this material weave itself through the democratizing loom of US Pop Culture, and see what happens...I have extremely positive hopes.

There's a vein of truth running through this...the American Public will distill the info, and we'll know what that truth means to us.

That will be a good thing for everyone...knowing what we think about the truth is as important as knowing the truth.

Stay Tuned...there's much more still to come...

Steve Smyth
Happy Valley USA

Oh, yeah...Faith Popcorn owns the East Coast Chattering Types...

Here's the text of my first letter to Ms. Popcorn...dated 2.26.1990.

Dear Faith Popcorn,

I am pleased to offer you the ideal combination of attributes required by your ad for a writer/thinker (NYTIMES, February 25).

I have spent 20 years writing about, thinking of, and creating projects for the future. These projects have evolved from my ongoing research into time honored methods of instilling the human mind with knowledge. From the caves of Altimira, to the click of a TV remote, knowledge has burned its way into the synapses.

For centuries, the light of knowledge has shone on the past, as we have sought to preserve and record. And, now, as the dawn of future knowledge breaks over the horizon, we find ourselves immersed in History and Preservation, and too often fearing the future.

I do not fear the future.

I welcome it.

Perhaps, together we can help to create it...

NOTE...go back to http://www.faithpopcorn.com/ for a moment...amazing how much today's BrainReserve hype reads like the above...from Yours Truly...1990, eh?

BrainReserve simply takes what's offered, and runs with it.

That's why I'm presenting this via SYOG...'the news before it happens'...8.19.'007...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

what a great gadget.
Picture SmythSpace as the World Wide Web,
gone all Down East, Hard Bitten, Old School.

Friday, August 17, 2007

exercise your mind

the new language of the web

Monday, August 13, 2007

Friday, August 3, 2007


That's what I'm good at.

So, I'm stickin' to it.

This Blog began on 1.20.'007.

It focuses on the topic of the moment...The Climate Crisis.

Real, imagined, manmade, natural...all agenda driven blather?

I pick all of the above.

But, only the agenda driven blather matters.

The others all ring true, about everything, all the time.

The point is, we...Humanity...have recognized a common problem.

This is real...there are too many of us...to sustain the ever escalating pace of existence.

The Climate Crisis is our first conscious recognition of this problem on the grand scale.

We are seeing Species Altering Events, happening before our very eyes.

That's a first for Humanity...with our 'superior intellect', we oughta be able to use this opportunity to realize that we're all in the same boat...actually realize the concept.

This material will help to focus that intent.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007


When the meaning of Common Sense becomes 'an enjoyed sense of commonality'...instead of meaning 'knowing how to get by within one's present confines', we'll be much better off.
Recognizing things in common is good.
We've arrived at the Global Village...but, The Village has no Common Sense.
Attaining same, can become another in the endless battle for Hearts and Minds.
Or, we could start to look for some unifiers among us.
Dream on...

Friday, July 27, 2007


...a way of life...not a lifestyle.

for instance...here's a thought...the first recognizable, economically feasible alternative to Petro Chem as a vehicular fuel, is so-called BioDiesel/Ethanol...fuel produced primarily from Corn.

Well intentioned citizens follow along, make a 'lifestyle switch' to a Bio Fueled Hybrid, and feel good about it.

Unfortunately, while the well intentioned weren't looking, King Petro Chem has acquired control of all the corn growing land.

Demand for Corn Oil Fuel will result in increased prices for every single Corn Based product on the market...give it a thought.

Most of us use some product which has corn oil, corn sweetener, or is made of corn based flour every day of our lives...not to mention all that Corn Fed Beef.

The price of a basic life staple just went up...forever...over misplaced good intentions.

The newly increased demand will lead the Government to allow production of fast growing, Genetically Engineered Corn, and...you can picture the rest...I'm sure.

The road to Hell really is paved with good intentions...for the unaware.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Earth is Changing...GeoMorphing, if you will...what else is new?

What's new is, we suddenly have all sorts of nifty gadgets
to observe, record, and discuss today's changes.
We love to show off our new gadgets.
Let Folks see what we've got.
Can you say
Climate Crisis?
Save Humanity's Niche
Get FREE Nifty Graphics, along with a Brighter Outlook.

woke up one day last mornin'

I was walkin' scratchin' yawnin'

lookin' for a mug-up on the street

all the while it's dawnin'

dawnin' on me as I'm walkin'

that all the goddamn talkin'

in the world

ain't ever gonna get us outta this...

To the six billion...plus, of us...trying to make our way here, survival in the moment is by far the most common mode of operation.
The notion of making a conscious effort to provide a positive future is pretty vague.
What future?
We're neck deep in the present...trying to keep it going.
The Future is in the hands of very few.
Those with the time, money, inclination...or all of the above...will decide how it goes...on a Global Scale...not just King o' the Hill.
Even if it means the few have to hunker in the bunker while those on the outside fight it out...for the remaining crumbs...Bunker Mentality is built in.
Think about that one...it's off the wall, but right on target...when ya think about it.
Like it, or lump it...that's where it's at!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

prevailing wisdom...

Each and every day, more veneer is stripped away from prevailing wisdom.

My concern is that by the time we arrive at the core, we'll forget why we started.

This will help keep things refreshed.

SYOG will continue to expand from within the core, in an attempt to burst through the surface...making it easier for those on the outside to peel away the veneer.

Stay Tuned...there's much more still to come...


Sunday, July 15, 2007


another friggin' ism...

Picture the major players in current US policymaking.

I don't just mean Bubbya, or, for that matter, politicians in general.

Stretch it to include top media figures, influential sports personalities, movie stars, and prime Hollywood movers.

A very large percentage of these folks are the children of outstanding individuals, nepotistically implanted.

It would seem to me, that considering this culture's current fascination with Historical Review, someone would note that Historically, the scion rarely measures up...yet we continue to fall for the name game...if JFK Jr. hadn't crashed, he could have waited a few years, done some civil service, and run for President...with an excellent chance of winning.

These guys rule by default.

All of the career paths mentioned above are Old Boy dominated.

If you don't believe me, ask the Chicks trying to break into any of these fields.

Old Boy networks are, by their nature, extensions of Exclusive Boys Clubs...same ol'...same ol'.

Forget the Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, The Masons...or any other perceived evil, behind the scenes stuff.

We're just too friggin' lazy to look beyond what we're used to...and we get what we deserve.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

in the past...

...we didn't know any better.

Now...we do.

There are no excuses.

If we destroy our niche on Earth, we're gone.

Scan your mental Rolodex for Environmental Awareness.

Give it a second to sink in.

We know what to do, and what not to do...if survival of us is really important...to us.

Let's see what happens...maybe we just ain't together enough to survive.

Self-endowed with Superior Intellect, yet without the wherewithal to maintain the basics...not smart enuf to survive.

Wouldn't that be a kick in the Cajones?

Monday, July 9, 2007


SYOG is pretty much self-explanatory. There's a lot here.
Links scattered throughout will give you the picture.
Let me know what you think... smythspace@gmail.com

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Hey, Kids...
Live Earth and it's attendant hoopla is all about solutions within the current economic framework...solve the problem without upsetting the apple cart...maintain status quo throughout the crisis...status quo equals power.
Proposing Tech Brained solutions to a natural problem is folly...plain and simple.
It's why we're where we are.
The promoters of Live Earth want one thing from you...your undevided attention...as they attempt to create the Future of the Fifties...in a last gasp effort to see their parent's dreams fulfilled.
The Jetsons with NatureBased Theme Parks, driven by a non-Petro Chem Economy.
All dreamed up by the parents of the fifties...except the non-Petro Chem part.
If they'd known enough to do anything at all, except dream, you wouldn't be in this mess.
But they didn't...and you are.
Before accepting what goes down in the immediate future as Gospel, realize...the promoters and backers of Live Earth are so far out of touch that it's ridiculous...and all they want is what's good for them.
They think they know better than you...do they?
It's your future they're messing with...theirs is past.

Friday, July 6, 2007

...old guys on a guilt trip.

If you see it that way, they're really funny.

I just watched Algore sit with Larry King.

I haven't seen a robotic stare like that since the last time some glassy-eyed Bozo approached me with a pitch for Scientology...the ol' Boy should just start staring into our eyes, saying, "are you clear...Man?"

If I thought they were harmless old coots, burnishing their laurels, I'd leave them to theirselfs.

But, they all have an agenda.
NOTE...Algore tripped all over the correlation between BioFuels, and Petro Chems, while talking with Larry King...I think he got caught thinking.

Sadly, he actually recognizes that he's pitching OilMantality all over again, but doesn't yet have the capacity to realize options...it's all coming to him at once...and he's forced to respond with lame platitudes.
In one five minute stretch of the King interview, Algore used 'walk the walk', co-opting Viet Nam Vets, 'part of the solution, not the problem'...to satisfy the Johnny Lennon contingent, and 'here we go'...ripping off Yours Truly.
I bet he doesn't even know what co-opting refers to...do you?

Too bad...if he saw this in time...oh, well...what the hell!

For the record...media planting...up close, and personal...7.6.'007...the news before it happens.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

an advance peek...

...into the immediate future

Monday, July 2, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007



Tuesday, June 26, 2007

take a close look...

at these two guys...

I couldn't make this up any better.

Branson/Gore juggling the future.

Here's what's up.

No matter what else ever happens, Richard Branson, and Algore have stamped themselves Defenders of the Earth, just at the crucial moment.

Smart....for a couple of agenda driven, late-middle age men...hoping to spiff up their epitaph.

Both Branson and Algore are very aware of their place in History.

Their lives have been all about making a big mark.

Branson refers to Algore as 'the leading advocate for the threat of Global Warming over the past thirty years.'

I have no idea where such an idea comes from...but...it's on the record at Virgin Earth Challenge...and because of Branson's media clout, it will become fact in the future...sweet, eh?

Algore has hitched his wagon to Branson's Star, and Branson is pushing his man out there...like an organ grinder's monkey.

They want us to believe they're looking out for us, and always have been.

Which will make their mark even bigger, in the History books.

Seriously, Folks...look closely...we ain't gonna fall for their nonsense, are we?

Would you allow either of them alone with your children?

They look like low paid extras from "Bride of Chucky".

Monday, June 25, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Aboriginal Memory...from dibble to digital...

OK, Kids...here's the real skinny.

Very few of the more than six billion Humans currently populating planet Earth have the luxury of taking time to consider the future.

Survival in the present has become all consuming for most.

That has always been true, but never before under these conditions.

Old School Rules...for the time being.

Yeah, yeah...what else is new...try this...

Friday, June 22, 2007

here's a sample...

in your own mind...how far back can you trace 'why you are the way you are' , without it becoming apocryphal?

For example...I clearly recall clan gatherings, when I was four, where the favorite adult sport was 'point out the similarities'.

The offspring, often as many as twenty, were turned loose in some small yard, or 'the livin' room', while the adults gathered to observe.

Soon, "Ooh, look. That one bends over just like...so and so.", is shouted in a shrill giggle.

Each adult would take note, and comment, "Yeah, same this, same that"...followed by chuckling, and chortling...like that.

The first time I recall it happening to me, I looked at whoever they'd mentioned as my inevitable adult doppelganger, considered what I thought about that person for a second, and decided that no matter what else happened, I'd never again pay any attention to anything the adults said, about anything...forever.

That's a defining moment from way back, eh?

It's funny, because I still feel that way...adults, performing for one another, in full charade, still make me chuckle...wistfully.

I don't mean performers, singers, actors, or that type of thing.

I mean people in the real world, who developed a successful persona early on, and are now stuck in adult roles, without one single clue...but they have to maintain the front.

Thats' the type of performing I mean...maintaining the front.

It's also a pretty good analogy for USofA's current Foreign Policy...don'tcha think?

Re-reading the above reminds me of a piece I watched recently on the tube...impulse control reviewed...I recall the topic, but not the source.

Point being, the program touted impulse control as the primary factor in our success as a specie.

The problem I see here is that ya only need impulse control when ya don't trust yer impulses.

It makes me think that those pushing impulse control as the key factor must not trust their own, and are proselytizing for their cause...like everyone else.

There's a big part of the rub, fer ya.

Fadda Eart...7.26.'007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A timeless outlook, focused on the future
common experience considered

National Air Conditioner, eh?...mega-trillions in R&D alone...cool things down, and stimulate the economy...what could be better?
I guess I can relax...everything is under control...Bubbya's makin' an anti-hot air machine.
Maybe he'll get together with Richard Branson, and David Oreck.
They're devising an 'Atmovac' to suck the Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide from behind Virgin's fleet of aircraft.
Great minds think alike, I guess.
This is easy.
I don't even have to make up crazy stuff.
RE...Politics and The Climate Crisis.

If Politics is The Art of Compromise, then the winner must be the most compromised, eh?

There will be so much ridiculous foolishness being spewed by Pols and Pundits in the upcoming Silly Season, that......can't even think of a word to describe the onslaught.

Trow da bums out!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Artificial = Man Made...Non Natural

Click below...that's what it says...man made equals non natural.

We're entering a Non Natural, Man Made Future, via so-called Artificial Intelligence...according to that way of thinking.

How can anything involved with computing, or the www, be Artificial...in the Non Natural sense?

We made the gadget...put everything in here...and we are Nature.

Until we recognize, realize, and get comfortable with this fact, were screwed.

It's Human Intelligence contained, and refined.

We've finally come up with a way to spread it around...in the natural course of events...what else would we do...as proud as we are of our self-endowed superior intellect?

...look what I know...look what I know...everybody loves it...

The Grand Result will certainly be a form of Artifice*.

There's nothing here that someone didn't already know.

The test is, "What do we do with this device...now that we all can know?"

My hope is to project positive energy into said Grand Result.

Because the future is in here.

This is the most powerful device ever realized by Humanity.

So far, it's being abused by Megalomaniacal Geeks and Twisted Teens.

As far as 'look what I know' goes...here's what I think...

Let's do better!

*Artifice...clever, skillful, ingenious, inventive...then...insincere, tricky, deceptive, crafty...the list goes on...getting progressively negativer.

more WAMPUM...

click image for larger view...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Friday, June 8, 2007

Growin' up...

doesn't mean growin' old...unless ya don't know any better.

We are the last batch of Homo Sapiens...I wanna leave 'em something to remember.

Sixty Year Old Guys...pheww!

Here's what I'm thinkin'.

We all have unique traits and characteristics picked up along the way...we also have a commonality which is readily identifiable.

There's never been old guys like us before.

Do we settle in and become ruminators, or kick start things one more time, and become activators?

For my money, it's been one hell of a run...but, it's time to face it...we're leavin' behind a mess.

Let's clean things up.

NOTE...for reference... SEA CHANGE ...my two cents worth, to add to the mix...it's all over the place, like us...but...it's all there.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

from a bazillion miles away...

...like one of those Doomsday from a Comet scenarios.

Take a naturally occurring, finite resource...make it the single most important element of life on Planet Earth...then tell everybody it's almost gone...using it is suddenly poisoning the planet beyond repair...we gotta support whatever those in power do to replace the vanishing resource, or life as we know it comes to a screeching halt.

Sounds like The Gods have been angered.

Maybe we need to sacrifice some Virgins.

Take it another step.

Let's say treating young girls like sex toys is a form of sacrificing our Virgins.

Teen Age boys get off on Christina Aquilera, but the elders created the product...better than vague impressions of animals on some dark cave wall, and blood curdling screams on the Solstice.
Don'tcha think?

Here's the stuff ya need ta know, boys...if ya wanna grow up to become what we dream of being...in full Hi-Def Surround Sound.

Stay away from the caves.

While it may seem I've drifted off course, it really all ties together.

We're sacrificing the Virtual Virgins because we fear the Doomsday Scenario.

Comet Schmomet...we're talking about good ol' King Petro Chem here.

From the first Oil Well to gone...in four generations...that's how it looks.

Imagine how you'd feel if you were certain that a predictable Comet/Earth Collision was inevitable, on a specified day, less than two hundred years from today.

You also know that all it takes to avoid the Comet Catastrophe is Common Sense...but, as luck would have it, we've sacrificed that alongside the Virgins...it's all gone.

Think about it!

Unfortunately...as wacky as the above may sound, it's true...when you've seen it coming for so long.

Friday, April 13, 2007

companion book...coming soon...
You can't tell the players without a scorecard.
Click the cover for background info...stay tuned...
Since it takes one to know one, and what you see is what you get, there's really no reason we can't find the common ground.
Get to know one another, and learn to see the bright side...seems reasonable, eh?
Throw in a dose of kineticism for good measure
That's a good start...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Everyone wants a magic fix.

Eat garbage, pop a pill...look like a pornstar.

Kids driving you nuts?...cram 'em in the back of the SUV, flip down the TV, hit the drive-thru, and hope they crash in their own beds.

Ya love the ol' gal to death, but she just doesn't turn you on anymore...we got the magic for that one.

Let's face it, we're pretty friggin' lazy, and easily led...with extremely high expectations.

With the above in mind, why fight it?

Here's the solution to The Global Crisis.

Kick back and let someone else do it.

There's a magic bullet for everything else...somebody will work things out...they always do...right?

We've worked hard for the right to be lazy and easily led.

Maybe lower the expectations a notch, or two...just to prevent wallowing in disappointment later on.

Sound good to you?

OK..that's fine...send money, and stay out of the way.

Carry on...

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Think Quick...

SYOG all appear to be one painful experience away from embracing brain dead, or so alert it must hurt...can you say 'deer in the headlights'?

We are also the key to solving this Global Crisis...stick around, and I'll tell you how.

It'll involve a Grand Gesture...so magnanimous as to be Earth shatteringly powerful...yet totally non-destructive...except maybe to a few careers, some retirement funds, and that sort of thing.

Nothing we can't get over...eh?

We are the children of The Greatest Generation...our parents went from the Great Depression, to winning WWII, to getting back to the business of building a better life for us...without missing a beat.

Yet, here we sit...inefectually hoping it'll all slow down...time to get back to the business of retirement planning...dreaming about endless sunsets, four hour boners, Cadillac SUV's, the NFL in giant digital HI-Def...wheww...sounds good, eh?

Somewhere, you've got what my Father called, 'that sneaking suspicion'...it ain't goin' down quite that way.

We can sit fretting like a bunch of old hens, or get off our butts, and fix this mess...it's on us...like it, or not!

A dose of boat rocking, and cage rattling has to be preferable to Naval Exercises, and Saber Rattling...don'tcha think?

Adrift in uncharted waters...vessel pitching every which way.

Rattling cages, filled with screaching Harpies, tumbling about the deck.

Tiller fractured, rigging in shambles...we enter the passage 'twixt Scylla and Charybdis.

Don't worry...been there, done that...piece of cake.

As far as what happens after we pass...welcome to interesting times.

Your guess is as good as mine...let's hear it.

Whassup widat, Kids?

Learn more about what can be done...SmythSpace

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Oilmen and Admen...

That's who we're leaving in charge of our kid's future...

Oilmen Rule...compliments of King Petro Chem.

Picture the sleaziest, drunken slimeball ever...garishly outfitted in cheesy flamboyance.

Give him a Snidely Whiplash sneer, a pencil thin mustache, and the shiniest patent loafers you can envision.

Turn him loose in a place where US dollars spend at ten, or more times their value.

Let him know that he represents US Oil Interests, and is backed by the full power of our military.

Do nothing to discourage his basest instincts, as long as he produces.

Have this occur in the 1950's, throughout The Middle East, with its Ages of Cultural Integrity, and see what happens.

"The Ugly American" reaches his zenith.

In the equal and opposite nature of things, we are approaching nadir.

Until we realize this, our mission to solve the current Global Crisis is futile.

No matter how quickly we wean ourselves, King Petro Chem will rule for the rest of every person on Earth today's life.

That's a fact.

This is about those who come after us.

We seem to have lost the outlook which makes doing for those yet born important.

It has to do with our lazy, easily led tendencies.

Confusing, eh?

Which leads us to the Admen...same guys as above, but their power base is right here...their behavior creates our culture, as opposed to the Oilmen, who offended an existing culture.

Admen are multi culturally offensive.

Monday, March 26, 2007

quick review...3.26.07

SYOG needn't actually be sixty years of age, or even a guy...there are certainly some sixty year old gals out there.

It's as much a state of mind as anything.

I've looked at things like a sixty year old guy since 1957. I was ten, hanging out with the old timers, wits, and sages from my neighborhood.

It rubbed off.

Viewing the recent fifty-something years through these ol' eyes has been an amazing experience.

Sometimes the clarity is flat out painful...but, bringing this to fruition will make it all worthwhile.

Here's a good SYOG Quotient indicator.

Picture 1961...pre- all the assassinations, drugs, and Viet Nam.

We all had some vague notion of what our adulthood would be like.

Living 'til sixty appeared in the cards for most of us...so, many of us even had some outlook toward 'old age'.

Try to envision what you expected sixty to be like, in 1961.

If your remembrance is anything close to what your actual life situation turned out to be, you are probably re-living your Father's life, a few rungs higher on the same ladder...Congrats...you stuck it out...ATTABOY!

I hope it's all you worked, and wished for.

That is what The Greatest Generation, our parents, who went straight from growing up in The Great Depression, to winning WWII offered...opportunity to improve upon their station in life.

Face, and overcome any situation...work hard...it gets better.

Look how far getting over a depression, winning a war, and returning to work had taken them.

Surely we could get over any hurdle facing us, take it one step further, and pass it on.

We were their children...tough as nails, with a sense of great promise.

There was absolutely no reason to believe this wasn't some perpetual motion device...keep it going...keep improving on the same thing...eventually it will work perfectly.

The notion that we would be faced with sex, drugs, and rock and roll, wrapped around another war, and a string of political assassinations...leading to enormous social upheaval, didn't cross many minds...in 1961.

If the above tweaked your every emotion, you're SYOG...through and through.

Good for you...there's work to do.

Give this material an hour, or so of your time. You'll get a grin, learn something, and maybe even come up with a solution.

Here's the situation, up 'til now.

The consensus is we need consensus...really...that's the basic observation among learned pundits...DUH!

The most likely, most clearly defined, most identifiable humans alive...are us.

This indicates consensus may be possible, because we are like-experienced individuals...not necessarily like-minded...that's what got us into this mess.

This is heads up, think quick, make decisions on the fly kinda stuff...not something which requires so much planning that the energy dies on the vine.

We haven't done anything like that since who knows when...wonder if it's still in us?

I hope so.

Here's an earlier posting...in case you missed it...it'll give you some ideas...

try this one...for some balance...

Quicker Review...

Everything we have ever done, everything we will ever do, is part of the natural course of events.
Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide may be poisonous, but it's natural.
We produce it as part of our way of life, which is part of the natural course of events.

Save the Earth is the ultimate Human Vanity.
First of all, if you see things that way, we are the enemy...wrestling with ourselfs, over something we can't control...sound familiar?
Don't forget...Earth did just fine without us...for Eons...maybe she needs a break...one shrug, and we're off like a prom dress.
Let's hope not...that's about how much effect our actions have...we can hope.

more soon...