Monday, March 26, 2007

quick review...3.26.07

SYOG needn't actually be sixty years of age, or even a guy...there are certainly some sixty year old gals out there.

It's as much a state of mind as anything.

I've looked at things like a sixty year old guy since 1957. I was ten, hanging out with the old timers, wits, and sages from my neighborhood.

It rubbed off.

Viewing the recent fifty-something years through these ol' eyes has been an amazing experience.

Sometimes the clarity is flat out painful...but, bringing this to fruition will make it all worthwhile.

Here's a good SYOG Quotient indicator.

Picture 1961...pre- all the assassinations, drugs, and Viet Nam.

We all had some vague notion of what our adulthood would be like.

Living 'til sixty appeared in the cards for most of, many of us even had some outlook toward 'old age'.

Try to envision what you expected sixty to be like, in 1961.

If your remembrance is anything close to what your actual life situation turned out to be, you are probably re-living your Father's life, a few rungs higher on the same stuck it out...ATTABOY!

I hope it's all you worked, and wished for.

That is what The Greatest Generation, our parents, who went straight from growing up in The Great Depression, to winning WWII offered...opportunity to improve upon their station in life.

Face, and overcome any gets better.

Look how far getting over a depression, winning a war, and returning to work had taken them.

Surely we could get over any hurdle facing us, take it one step further, and pass it on.

We were their children...tough as nails, with a sense of great promise.

There was absolutely no reason to believe this wasn't some perpetual motion device...keep it going...keep improving on the same thing...eventually it will work perfectly.

The notion that we would be faced with sex, drugs, and rock and roll, wrapped around another war, and a string of political assassinations...leading to enormous social upheaval, didn't cross many 1961.

If the above tweaked your every emotion, you're SYOG...through and through.

Good for you...there's work to do.

Give this material an hour, or so of your time. You'll get a grin, learn something, and maybe even come up with a solution.

Here's the situation, up 'til now.

The consensus is we need consensus...really...that's the basic observation among learned pundits...DUH!

The most likely, most clearly defined, most identifiable humans alive...are us.

This indicates consensus may be possible, because we are like-experienced individuals...not necessarily like-minded...that's what got us into this mess.

This is heads up, think quick, make decisions on the fly kinda stuff...not something which requires so much planning that the energy dies on the vine.

We haven't done anything like that since who knows when...wonder if it's still in us?

I hope so.

Here's an earlier case you missed'll give you some ideas...

try this one...for some balance...

Quicker Review...

Everything we have ever done, everything we will ever do, is part of the natural course of events.
Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide may be poisonous, but it's natural.
We produce it as part of our way of life, which is part of the natural course of events.

Save the Earth is the ultimate Human Vanity.
First of all, if you see things that way, we are the enemy...wrestling with ourselfs, over something we can't control...sound familiar?
Don't forget...Earth did just fine without us...for Eons...maybe she needs a shrug, and we're off like a prom dress.
Let's hope not...that's about how much effect our actions have...we can hope.

more soon...