Saturday, March 31, 2007

Oilmen and Admen...

That's who we're leaving in charge of our kid's future...

Oilmen Rule...compliments of King Petro Chem.

Picture the sleaziest, drunken slimeball ever...garishly outfitted in cheesy flamboyance.

Give him a Snidely Whiplash sneer, a pencil thin mustache, and the shiniest patent loafers you can envision.

Turn him loose in a place where US dollars spend at ten, or more times their value.

Let him know that he represents US Oil Interests, and is backed by the full power of our military.

Do nothing to discourage his basest instincts, as long as he produces.

Have this occur in the 1950's, throughout The Middle East, with its Ages of Cultural Integrity, and see what happens.

"The Ugly American" reaches his zenith.

In the equal and opposite nature of things, we are approaching nadir.

Until we realize this, our mission to solve the current Global Crisis is futile.

No matter how quickly we wean ourselves, King Petro Chem will rule for the rest of every person on Earth today's life.

That's a fact.

This is about those who come after us.

We seem to have lost the outlook which makes doing for those yet born important.

It has to do with our lazy, easily led tendencies.

Confusing, eh?

Which leads us to the Admen...same guys as above, but their power base is right here...their behavior creates our culture, as opposed to the Oilmen, who offended an existing culture.

Admen are multi culturally offensive.