Wednesday, June 6, 2007

from a bazillion miles away... one of those Doomsday from a Comet scenarios.

Take a naturally occurring, finite resource...make it the single most important element of life on Planet Earth...then tell everybody it's almost gone...using it is suddenly poisoning the planet beyond repair...we gotta support whatever those in power do to replace the vanishing resource, or life as we know it comes to a screeching halt.

Sounds like The Gods have been angered.

Maybe we need to sacrifice some Virgins.

Take it another step.

Let's say treating young girls like sex toys is a form of sacrificing our Virgins.

Teen Age boys get off on Christina Aquilera, but the elders created the product...better than vague impressions of animals on some dark cave wall, and blood curdling screams on the Solstice.
Don'tcha think?

Here's the stuff ya need ta know, boys...if ya wanna grow up to become what we dream of full Hi-Def Surround Sound.

Stay away from the caves.

While it may seem I've drifted off course, it really all ties together.

We're sacrificing the Virtual Virgins because we fear the Doomsday Scenario.

Comet Schmomet...we're talking about good ol' King Petro Chem here.

From the first Oil Well to four generations...that's how it looks.

Imagine how you'd feel if you were certain that a predictable Comet/Earth Collision was inevitable, on a specified day, less than two hundred years from today.

You also know that all it takes to avoid the Comet Catastrophe is Common Sense...but, as luck would have it, we've sacrificed that alongside the's all gone.

Think about it! wacky as the above may sound, it's true...when you've seen it coming for so long.