Saturday, July 7, 2007


Hey, Kids...
Live Earth and it's attendant hoopla is all about solutions within the current economic framework...solve the problem without upsetting the apple cart...maintain status quo throughout the crisis...status quo equals power.
Proposing Tech Brained solutions to a natural problem is folly...plain and simple.
It's why we're where we are.
The promoters of Live Earth want one thing from you...your undevided they attempt to create the Future of the a last gasp effort to see their parent's dreams fulfilled.
The Jetsons with NatureBased Theme Parks, driven by a non-Petro Chem Economy.
All dreamed up by the parents of the fifties...except the non-Petro Chem part.
If they'd known enough to do anything at all, except dream, you wouldn't be in this mess.
But they didn't...and you are.
Before accepting what goes down in the immediate future as Gospel, realize...the promoters and backers of Live Earth are so far out of touch that it's ridiculous...and all they want is what's good for them.
They think they know better than they?
It's your future they're messing with...theirs is past.