Friday, July 6, 2007

...old guys on a guilt trip.

If you see it that way, they're really funny.

I just watched Algore sit with Larry King.

I haven't seen a robotic stare like that since the last time some glassy-eyed Bozo approached me with a pitch for Scientology...the ol' Boy should just start staring into our eyes, saying, "are you clear...Man?"

If I thought they were harmless old coots, burnishing their laurels, I'd leave them to theirselfs.

But, they all have an agenda.
NOTE...Algore tripped all over the correlation between BioFuels, and Petro Chems, while talking with Larry King...I think he got caught thinking.

Sadly, he actually recognizes that he's pitching OilMantality all over again, but doesn't yet have the capacity to realize's all coming to him at once...and he's forced to respond with lame platitudes.
In one five minute stretch of the King interview, Algore used 'walk the walk', co-opting Viet Nam Vets, 'part of the solution, not the problem' satisfy the Johnny Lennon contingent, and 'here we go'...ripping off Yours Truly.
I bet he doesn't even know what co-opting refers you?

Too bad...if he saw this in time...oh, well...what the hell!

For the planting...up close, and personal...7.6.'007...the news before it happens.