Saturday, July 21, 2007


Earth is Changing...GeoMorphing, if you will...what else is new?

What's new is, we suddenly have all sorts of nifty gadgets
to observe, record, and discuss today's changes.
We love to show off our new gadgets.
Let Folks see what we've got.
Can you say
Climate Crisis?
Save Humanity's Niche
Get FREE Nifty Graphics, along with a Brighter Outlook.

woke up one day last mornin'

I was walkin' scratchin' yawnin'

lookin' for a mug-up on the street

all the while it's dawnin'

dawnin' on me as I'm walkin'

that all the goddamn talkin'

in the world

ain't ever gonna get us outta this...

To the six, of us...trying to make our way here, survival in the moment is by far the most common mode of operation.
The notion of making a conscious effort to provide a positive future is pretty vague.
What future?
We're neck deep in the present...trying to keep it going.
The Future is in the hands of very few.
Those with the time, money, inclination...or all of the above...will decide how it goes...on a Global Scale...not just King o' the Hill.
Even if it means the few have to hunker in the bunker while those on the outside fight it out...for the remaining crumbs...Bunker Mentality is built in.
Think about that's off the wall, but right on target...when ya think about it.
Like it, or lump it...that's where it's at!