Friday, July 27, 2007


...a way of life...not a lifestyle.

for's a thought...the first recognizable, economically feasible alternative to Petro Chem as a vehicular fuel, is so-called BioDiesel/Ethanol...fuel produced primarily from Corn.

Well intentioned citizens follow along, make a 'lifestyle switch' to a Bio Fueled Hybrid, and feel good about it.

Unfortunately, while the well intentioned weren't looking, King Petro Chem has acquired control of all the corn growing land.

Demand for Corn Oil Fuel will result in increased prices for every single Corn Based product on the market...give it a thought.

Most of us use some product which has corn oil, corn sweetener, or is made of corn based flour every day of our lives...not to mention all that Corn Fed Beef.

The price of a basic life staple just went up...forever...over misplaced good intentions.

The newly increased demand will lead the Government to allow production of fast growing, Genetically Engineered Corn, can picture the rest...I'm sure.

The road to Hell really is paved with good intentions...for the unaware.