Friday, June 22, 2007

here's a sample...

in your own far back can you trace 'why you are the way you are' , without it becoming apocryphal?

For example...I clearly recall clan gatherings, when I was four, where the favorite adult sport was 'point out the similarities'.

The offspring, often as many as twenty, were turned loose in some small yard, or 'the livin' room', while the adults gathered to observe.

Soon, "Ooh, look. That one bends over just and so.", is shouted in a shrill giggle.

Each adult would take note, and comment, "Yeah, same this, same that"...followed by chuckling, and that.

The first time I recall it happening to me, I looked at whoever they'd mentioned as my inevitable adult doppelganger, considered what I thought about that person for a second, and decided that no matter what else happened, I'd never again pay any attention to anything the adults said, about anything...forever.

That's a defining moment from way back, eh?

It's funny, because I still feel that way...adults, performing for one another, in full charade, still make me chuckle...wistfully.

I don't mean performers, singers, actors, or that type of thing.

I mean people in the real world, who developed a successful persona early on, and are now stuck in adult roles, without one single clue...but they have to maintain the front.

Thats' the type of performing I mean...maintaining the front.

It's also a pretty good analogy for USofA's current Foreign Policy...don'tcha think?

Re-reading the above reminds me of a piece I watched recently on the tube...impulse control reviewed...I recall the topic, but not the source.

Point being, the program touted impulse control as the primary factor in our success as a specie.

The problem I see here is that ya only need impulse control when ya don't trust yer impulses.

It makes me think that those pushing impulse control as the key factor must not trust their own, and are proselytizing for their everyone else.

There's a big part of the rub, fer ya.

Fadda Eart...7.26.'007