Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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National Air Conditioner, eh?...mega-trillions in R&D things down, and stimulate the economy...what could be better?
I guess I can relax...everything is under control...Bubbya's makin' an anti-hot air machine.
Maybe he'll get together with Richard Branson, and David Oreck.
They're devising an 'Atmovac' to suck the Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide from behind Virgin's fleet of aircraft.
Great minds think alike, I guess.
This is easy.
I don't even have to make up crazy stuff.
RE...Politics and The Climate Crisis.

If Politics is The Art of Compromise, then the winner must be the most compromised, eh?

There will be so much ridiculous foolishness being spewed by Pols and Pundits in the upcoming Silly Season, that......can't even think of a word to describe the onslaught.

Trow da bums out!