Sunday, August 19, 2007

East Coast Chattering Types...8.19.07

Newsweek's Evan Thomas refers to his audience as East Coast Chattering Types.

If a cultural phenomenon reaches the minds of these chatterers, it becomes infused into the mainstream.

The incessant need these types have to be first with mundane information, so they can proudly tell family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else within earshot of their newfound knowledge...thereby assuring that the chatterer will be thought of as a GO-TO person, because he, or she is clearly on top of the situation...provides a great opportunity.

Getting this material into their minds is all it takes to project a concept out there.

Evan Thomas, and his East Coast Chattering Types are very influential

Part of the SYOG plan is to refresh some old material from my experiences as a member of Faith Popcorn's Brainreserve Talentbank...Faith's a media wizard, marketing Guru, and economic trendsetter extraordinaire...hook up the connection between Faith, Evan Thomas, and Yours Truly...let this material weave itself through the democratizing loom of US Pop Culture, and see what happens...I have extremely positive hopes.

There's a vein of truth running through this...the American Public will distill the info, and we'll know what that truth means to us.

That will be a good thing for everyone...knowing what we think about the truth is as important as knowing the truth.

Stay Tuned...there's much more still to come...

Steve Smyth
Happy Valley USA

Oh, yeah...Faith Popcorn owns the East Coast Chattering Types...

Here's the text of my first letter to Ms. Popcorn...dated 2.26.1990.

Dear Faith Popcorn,

I am pleased to offer you the ideal combination of attributes required by your ad for a writer/thinker (NYTIMES, February 25).

I have spent 20 years writing about, thinking of, and creating projects for the future. These projects have evolved from my ongoing research into time honored methods of instilling the human mind with knowledge. From the caves of Altimira, to the click of a TV remote, knowledge has burned its way into the synapses.

For centuries, the light of knowledge has shone on the past, as we have sought to preserve and record. And, now, as the dawn of future knowledge breaks over the horizon, we find ourselves immersed in History and Preservation, and too often fearing the future.

I do not fear the future.

I welcome it.

Perhaps, together we can help to create it...

NOTE...go back to for a moment...amazing how much today's BrainReserve hype reads like the above...from Yours Truly...1990, eh?

BrainReserve simply takes what's offered, and runs with it.

That's why I'm presenting this via SYOG...'the news before it happens'...8.19.'007...