Tuesday, June 26, 2007

take a close look...

at these two guys...

I couldn't make this up any better.

Branson/Gore juggling the future.

Here's what's up.

No matter what else ever happens, Richard Branson, and Algore have stamped themselves Defenders of the Earth, just at the crucial moment.

Smart....for a couple of agenda driven, late-middle age men...hoping to spiff up their epitaph.

Both Branson and Algore are very aware of their place in History.

Their lives have been all about making a big mark.

Branson refers to Algore as 'the leading advocate for the threat of Global Warming over the past thirty years.'

I have no idea where such an idea comes from...but...it's on the record at Virgin Earth Challenge...and because of Branson's media clout, it will become fact in the future...sweet, eh?

Algore has hitched his wagon to Branson's Star, and Branson is pushing his man out there...like an organ grinder's monkey.

They want us to believe they're looking out for us, and always have been.

Which will make their mark even bigger, in the History books.

Seriously, Folks...look closely...we ain't gonna fall for their nonsense, are we?

Would you allow either of them alone with your children?

They look like low paid extras from "Bride of Chucky".